Monday, June 25, 2007

Five Days

I can't believe I haven't lifted a single stamp, marker, or paper flower in five whole days! I'm going through some serious withdrawal. I blame ol' Uncle Sam. It's always easy to blame him for everything. We all have at one time or another. The past few days here have been filled with threatening clouds of on and off again showers. It's made me feel quite lethargic. Rain is almost trans-like for me. I just can't get anything done. Work hasn't ceased to pull every ounce of energy out of me either. It has a knack for that. Today's project is inspired by the lack of sunshine around here. It's a sunny little flower! I found this giant clothes pin when I got sent down to Fort Benning, GA on one of our rare escapes from captivity on an Army funded all expenses paid camping trip! I know that sounds like fun to you civilians, but trust me it's totally NOT FUN! Here's what I did: I originally wanted ric-rac for my flower stem, but decided this twill was a great color and I like the coordinating petals it made. I used a matching green thread to hand sew the bottom of the stem to give it a clean fold, but looking back I would have rather flipped the unfinished edge to the front for a faux grass feel. The giant blue flower is from Making Memories and came with a few funky brads. I glued it all down with a good liquid glue. Finally I added a picture of my favorite girls, my cousins: Chelsea and Samantha. And...that's it!


Corie said...

Love the photo holder, to cute. The girls are truly stunning. Boy wait until they start dating.

Heather said...

I totally agree with Corie... Your cousins are beautiful!!!

Love the giant clip, it's so springy! :)

Leslie Miller said...

Oh! How cute! that's what a person can do with those giant clothespins...great idea! Cute picture, too!

Samm said...

This is sooo cute!!! lovely photo!


mum on the run said...

That's fabulous!! Cute cousins too :)