Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Tears

Wow! I'm overwhelmed at the sweetness that comes from total strangers. I really feel like I know many of you even more so than some of my own family members. You're awesome! You got me to thinking too... is anyone interested in doing a Rolodex swap of sorts for birthday information (name, address, email, website, and birthday)? I just want to make sure to send birthday cards to all of you, but there's no way I can remember them all without a little help. I won't open this up as a traditional swap, but if you'd like to send me your information as an altered index card, Rolodex card, ATC or by whatever means you keep track of birthdays I'll be sure to return the favor as well. I've already started crackin' on some cute little Rolodex cards and ATCs for you. I hope you'll come play with me! (P.S. 12 more days 'til I'm 24!)
Laura Barefoot
PO Box 323
Fort Campbell, KY 42223


Estivalia said...

I don't have a Rolodex but I can surely make you an ATC with my contact info :)

Carolyn said...

Laura, I'm on it, it will be winging it's way to you on Monday.

jayne said...

Hey Girly
I would be in for one too, I will try a rolodex card and if no good will send an ATC. I work for Uncle Sam too so I know how the chain of responsibility goes too, I too am on the bottom of my totem pole but that's why we get the big bucks right NOT!!

hang in there

Brian said...

I just read your last 2 blogs. I know how hard it is for you and I admire your strength. I always have. You know I am always there for you and always will be. Just keep your head up and never think you are forgotten. If ever you just need to vent feel free I am almost always available. I miss you sweetie.