Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Schedule

We're officially headed into our summer schedule here at the school house. This means the days are even hotter and longer. We also start traveling quite a bit too. I already have two trips to Fort Knox and three to West Point on the books. Most of the instructors took off on up to Fort Knox around 0630 this morning. We're teaching 200 college ROTC students up there. There's not really a whole lot that I do in the middle of the course, so "Sergeant D" (my boss) and I are taking turns. He's doing the first half, and I'm going up for the second half. Neither of us will be there in the middle. It's only two hours away, so it's easy enough to just drive back and forth without having to hitch an air ride. He's got a whole brood of kiddies plus one on the way, so I don't blame him for lacking travel interests lately. Being that we're a mobile course in the summers also means it's quite boring around here when I'm left behind. I suppose there's less excuse for not blogging now. I like to write my blogs in my email server before I post them over to Blogger. It seems so unreliable at times. I never know when the links are going to stop working or when it just decides it doesn't feel like playing with me anymore. It's a pain sometimes, but at least it's free! You can't beat that deal, right? Anyhow, I found this fun-looking indoor rock climbing place in Nashville (50 minutes away). It's called Climb Nashville. I've already emailed the point of contact to get some more information. I'm dying to be a member already. I just hope I have enough time to get there at least once a week or so. I learned how to climb and rappel in the fire academy back about 5 years ago, and I totally loved it. I just hope I get that same thrill again. I'm not a terribly athletic or sporty girl in general, so it's rare I find a sport that I take interest in. There's just something that doesn't spark my interest about running in circles or on a treadmill like a hamster. I don't like things being thrown at me either, so that eliminates most of the ball-sports. I did play on the golf team in high school and college, but my old clubs are still back home. My golf coach gave them to me after our home burned down my senior year of high school. They're definitely way past their prime, but they still managed to help me earn 3rd place at state. I've been eying a new set from Callaway though. They're the Cadillac of golf equipment, and I've ALWAYS wanted a set. Perhaps it's a good gift to give myself for my birthday. I hope I'm not the only one out there who buys themselves a present. I don't have to worry about keeping gift receipts after all.


Marie said...

Hey, more unsolicited advice from me.... I saw this fun little link on Runner's World when I was looking for training ideas to get back in shape. You said you don't like running in circles, but what about a 5K? You could meet running buddies through running ;) Anyway, if you're interested, the link is: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-380-381--11944-0,00.html

Take care and don't get too bored while everyone's gone!!

Michelle said...

Well, AIR ASSAULT then..My DH did some sling load training while we were there. Hopefully the down time will give you a little more stamping time. Summers are so damn hot there huh. I know now how a chicken feels in the oven after living at Campbell. HA HA

Estivalia said...

I hope that summers brings you a lot of time for your crafting and to do what you like (I'm not a sports girl AT ALL, lol). I really like to read what you're up to here :)

I know nothing that can help with Blogger not working, I only used it a couple months like 6 years ago, but then I discovered Wordpress and fell in love <3

Anonymous said...

There is someone that is soon to jump with joy for the 25th time. That is 24 yeas plus the day I first touched you


Leslie Miller said...

Hi, Laura! I've just been doing some catch up reading. I hope you're feeling in better spirits now. Sounds like you've got some stuff on the horizon...including more dating...oh, my...good luck with that. Happy birthday--soon!