Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog Candy!

I'm back from West Point again. I've been completely antsy about getting back into my studio, but when I walked into it I didn't feel as inspired. It's a total mess! I think some "spring" cleaning will help me work better. I always find stuff to get rid of and even more stuff that I'd forgotten I even had. That's always fun. I really would love to hear about your storage and organization solutions. Send me a picture or two of your craft space that I can post on my blog in exchange for some yummy blog candy.


Rachel Hope said...

Yours looks better than mine! :D

Doris said...

hi! some of my organization ideas

here are the ribbons

some card sketches

and scraps storage (by colour)

hope it will help you a little, but your room is great:) better tan mine:)

Dorothy said...

It looks nice and bright in your work area. I love it. I love to organize my craft room. It's my space - I sometimes go in and just sit and watch tv at the desk. Mine is not as organized as I would like either. Here are some of my best and cheapest tips-
I got a wooden spice rack at a garage sale for $1 and brought it home and painted it and it now holds little jars with dewdrops, clips, and other little embellishments. I also got a Christmas letter holder at another garage sale for $1, painted it to match my room and I keep my crystal effects and other tubes of stuff in it. I am forever scoping out garage sales for things I can re-use in my craft room. Oh - I also got a behind the door shelving like this ( but some of the shelves we missing - no prob. I keep all of my punches and some of my ribbon on. That was a great find. I would love some of your blog candy!!! Thanks!

Estivalia said...

Awww, Lilly Belle looks so happy in there, hee hee!

Here are a couple pictures of my space. First one is the an overview of my "corner" (with hedgies cage included, LOL) and the second one is from the closet in this room, where I also have some supplies stashed.

Bee said...

My stamping-station is just a little corner of my is the link to my blog where you hape pics and explanations! :-)

(If the link doesn't work, just go to my blog, it's only a few entries back...)

lauren said...

i love your studio! i want to come and play in it all day!