Saturday, July 5, 2008

Closet Makeover

My closet has been driving me nuts lately. I've hated it since I moved in here almost a year ago now. It's one of those long ones with two doors, so I can't access the long spaces on either side. I'd almost prefer having those ugly sliding doors that always fall off the tracks. At least I could get to everything then. I also hate my dresser. I put it together myself way back when I was first stationed here. I'm surprised it's lasted three years anyhow. The drawers don't work quite right, and it's not designed very practically. I've always been a bit obsessively compulsive about having all the same type of hangers (huggable hangers rock!) and that my clothes are hung in color order, by season, and by type. You'd think that would be enough organization, but not for ME! I really wish I had a before picture, but the only thing I was able to snap was a photo of Lilly "helping" me organize. She's like a cat that tries to squeeze itself right into the middle of whatever you're trying to get done.
I put all of my winter clothes, extra uniforms (I have TONS), and my overflowing tshirt collection each into their own big lidded storage tub and slid them into one of the long ends of the closet. I then moved all of my luggage and large bags into the other long end. Okay, I'm already bored with hearing myself describe my closet organization. I don't know why anyone other than myself would find this interesting, so here's a picture in short:
There's a lot that can't been seen in the picture, but you get the idea. I labeled all of the drawers with little metal rimmed tags tied on with embroidery thread. Even all of my undershirts for my uniform are rolled to the exact size of a dollar. We had to do that in Basic Training. (I guess I did learn a few things other than how to throw grenades and apply a high shine finish to a pair of combat boots.) All of Lilly's clothes are in the big blue drawer on the bottom left too. She'd be upset if she didn't have her own space in the closet. Only one of the bins on the top shelf is full. It's holding all of my jeans. I still have two empty drawers, an empty shoe cubbie, and room for six more pairs of shoes on the door caddie too! Perhaps it's time for some more shopping! I just didn't have a place for my polka dot rain boots, but that's okay. I like having them out anyhow. I wear them at first sight of looming clouds. I love funky shoes. I think I need a scrapbook page about that now. I've been working on some more cards for submissions again. I haven't created a thing since my first one was accepted over a month ago. I was afraid of being a one-hit-wonder, but the mojo is back! Here's a sneaky peek:


Marie said...

Oh, good luck with your submissions and can't wait to see the whole thing - in a magazine!!! :)

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I LOVE the make-over....just in time for us to go house-hunting for you!!....we will find a place where you can have a closet ROOM!!...wouldnt that be fun?? me.....d