Monday, August 11, 2008

Fort Knox

I'm off to Fort Knox again. As usual I'm feeling uber creative right when I have to leave. I'll be back on Thursday though. I have to leave Lilly with Brad. It's too late to change that arrangement. I was supposed to have dinner with him last night and drop off Lilly since I have to leave at the butt crack of dawn, but he texted me at the last minute to say he has a date that might run late, so he'll have to get her in the morning. I guess he's was expecting to break out the "party hats" or something. Ew!!! (I hear you, Debbie!) I'm so angry. I always complain about my horrible dates and being stood up. He calls those guys "jerks" which always makes me feel better, but I think he's the jerk now. I'm only sorry I blow-dried my hair. Anyhow, here's a sneak peek for you...

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