Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coffee with Jesus

I saw this video played in church last Sunday, and I immediately saw my self as the guy in the clip. Too often I just shoot God a little ditty of a prayer. A lot of times I end up just asking for things to go my way instead of really taking the time to talk to God and really open myself up to listen in return too.

P.S. His name is Chris, and after five dates I finally got a kiss! Whew! :-)


Marie said...

Awesome!!! About the kiss I mean ;) Sounds like things are going well if it's 5 dates already!!!

Karen said...

thanks so much for the store info...i had forgotten about them. i have been there before. nice store. have fun on the dt and with your new guy!

Vicki Sullivan said...

What a great video. Wish everyone could see it. Thanks for sharing it.

Chi said...

LOL, the video is hilarious... and I feel guilty now that I've found countless occasions where I've done the same thing =(

Awesome post, congrats on the kiss <3