Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 5: Camel in a Dress

So, on Fridays we can go to the bazaar where the locals sell bits and trinkets. I saw this guy there with his camel that was wearing a dress. He charges $3 for a picture, $4 to pose with the camel, and $5 to "stand" on the camel! Look closely around the camel's neck and you'll see it even has an ID badge to get on base! I can't stop laughing!!!


Jen said...

That is just to funny. Thanks for sharing the pic and your adventure with us. Be safe over there.

Marie said...

That's pretty funny! Poor camel - he's probably embarrassed!!!

Estivalia said...

Oooh camels are SO tall!
(at least, they look taller than a llama, which is the closest thing to a camel I've seen, lol).

It's just too funny that the camel has his own ID badge but I can't see any on the guy, lol.

Thank you for sharing these little tidbits of your life and adventures over there :)