Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 12: Combat Purfume

Ah, Febreze, I love you. It all started back in Basic Training... we're not supposed to wear things that are scented in order to help keep away the bugs and other creatures (like boys). Drill Sergeants would have a fit if they even saw cherry chap stick in your possession. People aren't as stringent on the rules like they are in training environments, but I guess I've just grown to think of Febreze more like combat perfume than air and fabric "refresher" or whatever the heck it's supposed to be. I'm not the only one. You'll find tons of this stuff in any military store you walk in to whether it's here or there. It's definitely a staple for military living.

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That is too funny! My husband came home with a big botle of this after basic and AIT! I was amazed he knew wha it was!