Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 16: Mystery Meat

The food isn't really terrible considering I've been eating bachelor food for a few years now, but I really have no idea what animal this meat came from or even if it came from an animal at all! The D-fac (dining facility) serves the same food every week, so I'm already bored with the combat cuisine they serve here. I find myself less and less hungry all the time. I have a difficult time finding my way to the D-fac anyhow with my work schedule. I work from 1500-2300 in the clinic. That means I'm sleeping through breakfast. I have PT (physical training) at 1230, so that means I miss lunch too. We're allowed to leave the clinic to get dinner though, so I don't miss that meal. The D-fac is our neighbor, so it's not that big of a deal anyhow. They also serve midnight chow, but by the time I get off I usually fall asleep before the chow hall opens again. It's just an endless cycle. Ugh!

1 comment:

Estivalia said...

That kinda looks like dog's food, gross.

I really really hope it tastes better that what it looks :/