Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 19: Reflective Belt

If you're caught during "hours of darkness" without a reflective belt on then you get arrested!


Anonymous said...

Where were these when you were 16. LOL, FOFL, OHHHHH My :O

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. My camera would be going day/night. Love the camel, mountains, everything. But, mostly I love the fact that you arrived safely. Hopefully we can start sending you packages soon. I have already started a box of scrapbooking supplies.
Thank you for the gift cards. Your dad remembered to give them to me yesterday and I am holding them waiting for a "supply" list. If you see any pretty rocks, don't forget to pick up one or two. Also a coke can (empty or full). We will start a collection for you. Hope to get some pictures to you soon.
Stay in touch. We love and miss you so much.