Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 22: Cheesy Poofs

These are so delicious. I've been begging for them from home for what seems like forever. I don't remember the last time other than today that I even wanted cheesy poofs, but since I've been here I've craved all sorts of foods. I'm really thinking about ordering a crock pot, so I can stir up some Velveeta and Ro-Tel tomatoes to serve on some Tostitos Scoops! My taste buds are watering just thinking about it. Chocolate is another hot commodity here. The little shop sells out before the PMS even hits. It's a nightmare. I'm a Coca-Cola and Twix or Reeses peanut butter cups kinda girl once a month, (thus me calling it "chocolate time"). I don't even like chocolate that much otherwise. I think I'm starting to share too much information... Anyway, I don't know how I ended up talking about monthly visitors when I started on cheesy poofs. Oh, well! It's supposed to be an honest and open blog after all, and now it really is.

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