Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 8: Aid Station

Well, this is the aid station where I work. To the far right, on the other side of those green sand bags you can see one end of the building I live in. Those are the same sandbags that I shot for my room with a view picture last week. I was standing up on the gazebo where people can eat lunch to take this pic. As you can tell we were having a little bit of rain, but it felt nice to have all the dust in the air settle for a little while. When I turned around I could even make out a tad bit of the Hindu Kush mountain range that surround us. It's part of the Himalayas. (Did you know that this is the place that Alexander the Great conquered in Fourth Century BC? Neat!) The picture doesn't do it justice. It's beautiful. My day didn't stay that great though. I finally pooped myself out from exhaustion. I haven't slept a full night since I left home over a week ago, and even that sleep was come and go. I've been telling everyone that I'm about to go into a coma at any second if I don't get some real sleep, but I just have to keep stickin' it out. I live in a plywood stall, so I can hear every noise that my seven hut-mates make. These aren't quiet girls by any means either. They slam and yell and stomp up and down the halls over and over. Their music is blaring, and they need to suck on a toilet bowl tablet with the language they use. I feel like I'm in a cheap frat house. People are constantly coming in and out and flipping the lights on and off. The big light is right over my bed too. I've tried all sorts of medication to just knock myself out for a while, but the most it's done was somewhere between three and four hours. I also have the crud. My nose is stuffy, and my throat is killing me. The doc sent me to my room to get some rest after giving me some super sleep pills, but as you can tell... I'm wide awake! I have to go see a sleep specialist tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it since he's also the combat stress psychiatrist. Psychiatrist! I don't want that on my record. No way! Remember, in the military, my ins and outs are more out than in. Being labeled crazy is not going to do me any favors.


Marie said...

Oh, Laura, I hope you can get some sleep. I can't believe that the your "roommates" are that inconsiderate. Are they on opposite schedules from you and so they all sleep at the same time and are doing fine? That really sucks that they don't care if someone else is trying to rest. I must say that my "pals" from my AF days were NOT that rude. I guess I was lucky!! We weren't even deployed either - just at various training and exercises, etc. Everyone was always nice, and you're on an actual deployment!! That just makes me mad for your situation. Anyway - I hope it works out. It would be great if you get sleep without having to talk to the sleep specialist. You should (seriously) try doing some yoga/meditation. It might help calm you enough to get into a good sleep. Get some good earplugs too. Do you have any? I can send you some!!!!! Let me know.

PS - it was me on facebook that you mistakenly tagged on a photo ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. My camera would be going day/night. Love the camel, mountains, everything. But, mostly I love the fact that you arrived safely. Hopefully we can start sending you packages soon. I have already started a box of scrapbooking supplies.
Thank you for the gift cards. Your dad remembered to give them to me yesterday and I am holding them waiting for a "supply" list. If you see any pretty rocks, don't forget to pick up one or two. Also a coke can (empty or full). We will start a collection for you. Hope to get some pictures to you soon.
Stay in touch. We love and miss you so much.

jayne said...

Hey laura
these are some great photos. when my brother went to Iraq the first time he came down with the "crud"too. Didn't get it the 2nd time, hmmm. I feel for ya not getting any sleep, I know exactly, went through a 3 month spell with only 1-2 hrs sleep a night, finally saw dr. helped, but----not a military dr and not on my gov. record, but I hope things improve and we are working on cards to send over there for you guys. Great hearing from you! take care

Bee said...

Gah! I can't believe you are so far away and that this is your life! It sounds surreal and crazy.
You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'm really lovin' the pics you're posting, Laura.. sucks that you can't get any sleep though!! I think i'd get a potty mouth on me if I had to deal with the girls in your hut like you are! lol! Hope you can get some much needed rest soon! ((hugs))