Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 40: Hand Sanitizer

The biggest scare over here is getting sick from one of the many diseases that can be in the water or food or air all around us. We wash or sanitize our hands at least a dozen times a day here. They won't even let you into the chow hall without stopping by the hand washing station first. It's certainly not a bad thing, but my skin is so dry and cracked now.


Renu (midnitecreations) said...

On a cruise recently that I took, there were santizers everywhere, especially at the restaurants. I loved it. When I returned, I read about many outbreaks on other cruises, and wondered if the santizers were the reason we didn't get any bugs! Either way, it can't hurt..

Cindi said...

oh no, I hate dry cracked hands. can some one send you some hand cream, really good hand cream? or if you have vaseline use that. I wish I could give you a manicure!

Mrs. Fence said...

Cracked hands are the worst! But I guess not as bad as being sick. I wish Cindi could give you a manicure too. She does a good job! (I know this because we've been best friends since birth!)