Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 41: Obama Headlines

The news paper that I picked up in the chow hall today was quite interesting. You hear so much about Bush and Obama on civilian TV and in newspapers all over the place, but I've wondered for a while now how the Soldiers feel. I mean, he's our Commander in Chief, so this REALLY affects us. Here are a few of the tidbits I pulled from Army Times today: 1. The majority of Soldiers feel that Bush has our best interests at heart and NOT Obama. 2. Only 34% of those polled actually approve of Obama's calls to withdraw troops from Iraq in 16 months. 3. Only 12% of troops polled are opposed to increasing Afghanistan troops by more than 12,ooo. 4. Six out of ten active-duty service members say they are uncertain or pessimistic when asked how they feel about Obama as Commander in Chief. 5. African-Americans make up the majority of Army service members. I certainly wasn't expecting the outcome of these polls, but I honestly say I pretty much agree with most everything I read. I think a lot of Soldiers fear a CinC that has no war or military experience. Will he really be able to lead without ever being a follower? I hope so. No matter what, though, he'll be my boss in one week. I'll follow any order, and do it without blinking. That's just what we do. He's in my prayers just like everyone else back home.


Marie said...

I agree too. I will point out thought that George W. Bush's military experience is pretty much negligable. It would be like me running for Pres base on the few years I was in. Yes, you and I both know that any time served is honorable and good. But does any time served make you more qualified than the next guy? McCain was as POW, but my personal opinion is that had nothing to do with why I should or shouldn't vote for him for Pres. either. I don't know, just my two-cents :)

Marie said...

PS - that is what advisors are for. I would really like to be a fly in the wall when a Pres is planning and deciding with them. If he's a good Pres, what he thinks is right may be shown not to be by those men who actually are IN the service and IN the locations, and their voices should most definitely carry a lot of weight. Who knows how much of our military policy and actions are really what the Pres "comes up with" all by his lonesome anyway??? I doubt very much of it is. Serving in the military doesn't qualify you as a war strategist by any means. Just more of my two-cents. I guess I just never really think that the Pres is the one truly dictating all of our policies and deciding we need to draw down, increase, end operations, etc. He's the mouth-piece for sure, but any good military leader will have a close circle of advisors. Okay, I'll be quiet.

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Excellent point, and I TOTALLY agree! I wish more people would realize that the president doesn't just throw darts to make decisions. He has an entire team of experts and advisors guiding him.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Laura thinks she is more qualifide then anybody else she was just stating a point like the rest of us. Laura is a very nice girl and don't think she thinks like that at all.
Thank you for letting me speak my two cents worth. Have a wonderful day!

Bee said...

I have to say I am surprised by those poll results. Personally I think Obama is smart enough to surround himself with people who have experience in the areas when he might not. Governing a nation is not a one person job but a team work and I have trust.
But I think it's hard for us, civilians who haven't seen things first hand, to get a clear view of things either.
I hope and pray change will be positive for everyone.

Mrs. Fence said...

As you, Laura, I will pray for the leaders of our country and for all of you serving our country. Jesus himself said (to Pilate before he was crucified) that no one has power here on earth, but that it was given by His Father. God gave our president (and the leaders of ALL the nations) the power to be in office, and I'll pray that they all do right by the people they are leading.