Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 97: Bunkers

These things are everywhere. I'm a tad jealous that the Airforce bunkers have benches and water bottles though. Those guys are so spoiled. ;-)


Meg said...

My dad is in Iraq right now. He should be home this summer and can finally retire! 27 years in!

I like when he sends photos like this.

Anonymous said...

We are totally spoiled. Sometimes it makes me feel bad, others, I'm just like - that's why I tell everyone to go blue!!! :)

Cindi said...

well, those look like luxury diggs!! lol..NOT! So glad to see you posting & thanks for letting me know your ok

Estivalia said...

It's good to read you again, Laura :) I've been meaning to write you an e-mail but since school started I don't know where my head is, agh. I've come to the point of having to write everything down if I want to remember it (I foresee my desk full of post-it notes, lol).

When do you think you'll be back home? It seems like you've been deployed for aeons already.

Judi said...

I'm so glad to see you post again! Have missed you!