Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 161: Cell Phone

The minutes to call home are OUTrageous, but at least I can call home to let my family know I'm not dead or they can call me for emergencies. It kinda reminds me of that old collect call commercial "Wehadababyitsaboy". Remember that one? See it HERE.


Marie said...

That ad was funny! Sorry the minutes are so crazy. Do you get to hit up the library (or wherever they have internet) to Skype with your family at all? We are blessed that they have wireless internet at the Deid where Peter is, and he can take his laptop outside (where it is - so it has to be night or you get fried) and chat with us when he has a few free minutes. It's so amazing. Nothing like 10-20 years ago and waiting for a letter once a week!!! Take care!!!

Mamma has spoken said...

Scott had one of those but where his new base is, it doesn't work. I found International phone cards were the cheapiest way to call him. It was still 50 cents a minute but it way beats the $2.99 a minute that my land line provider was going to charge me!