Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, so that last post really got out of hand! I didn't know refering you to my sister's blog would cause such an eruption. We've had our tiffs before after all. I really was surprised that my sister posted all that mean stuff about me in the first place. My mother said the bashing was hurtful to her, so I decided to take the cool route and simply direct my blog readers over there. I'd just come to my room after work to settle in, but of course had to check my emails first. A TON of comments were left while I was away for those 12 hours. One particular "Anonymous" comment really set this whole story off. This "Anonymous" person laid out a ton of hurtful things from the past about my sister. When I said that my blog was open and honest, I meant that to mean MY life was open and honest. This isn't a bashing ground for the rest of my family. I love my sister and merely wanted to show you how she chose to express herself through her blog rather than speaking to me about it personally. I don't know what else to say. I am insulted by the throw back comments left by her and my BIL that were so clearly geared toward me though I said nothing vicious in my post about her in reply to the post she left about me. I mean, I would NEVER have capitalized an improper noun! Come on! My sister should know me better than that. If I had intended to write something badly I would not need to leave a comment, but rather would have included it in the main post. I am not afraid, but I do have a little more tact and class than THAT!

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