Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 263: Kuwait to Germany

Ugh! It was so hot and humid in Kuwait this morning. Between the super cold tents we slept in (for three hours) and the hot wet air outside I just couldn't stop wheezing. It made me a little nervous, but I had my inhaler on hand. The aid station isn't manned 24/7, so I really had no choice anyhow. We all had to meet back up in the morning to get information on our flights and the customs process. After the meeting I went to Subway for something to take along with me including these ketchup flavored chips.
During the meeting they asked for volunteers. Of course no one wanted to, so stuck my hand up and made my way to the sign in sheet. I found out that I'd volunteered for "push duty". That meant that I was directing traffic in the customs area and on the air plane. That's not too bad. I thought it might be for something more awful. They rewarded the volunteers with first class seating on the plane later, so it was well worth it. It was during my customs inspection that I discovered all the little notes that Vince had hidden among all of my things. After customs we made our way through a long maze where they kept us in confinement for hours until it was time to load the buses headed for the plane. The bus ride was super long and cramped with no bathroom, but once we got on the plane I quickly fell asleep. In no time we were in Germany where we all got off for a couple of hours while the plane refueled, changed crews and restocked. I also refueled with a semi-yummy "hot dog".
Next stop.... U.S.A.!

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