Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friend Always

I finally got to stop by my dear friend, Beverly's scrapbook store recently. She and her husband built it from scratch while I was deployed to Afghanistan this past year. It's about 40 minutes away from my house, so the trip there has been on delay especially since having the baby. I picked up tons of yummy stuff, and I'm already ready to go back. Anyway, Beverly and I met at a local scrapbook store years ago just down the street from my house, but it closed just recently along with a handful of other craft stores in the immediate area. (So sad!) Anyway, I'd like to share with you what I picked up and what I made with it. The first thing I picked up was a double sided sheet of My Mind's Eye card stock. It's just so cute with the floral on one side and polka dot on the other! Double sided card stock is the greatest invention ever. I ended up making four cards out of it right away, and I still have a good amount left over that I'll keep working with until I run out. I'm determined to use up what I have before I move on to the next thing. Oh, I also got the little die cut journaling piece too. I ended up cutting in in half though to make it go further. I stitched around the border too. That part took me way too long. I think I'll leave the other half as is on the next card. Whew! :-) Anyway, why don't you swing on over to Beverly's blog, leave her some bloggy lovin' and don't forget to tell her I sent you!


get scrappy said...

Love the paper and the border punch!

Sadly the LLS here closed too, I only have bug craft stores or an hours drive to the nearest scrapbook store. I haven't walked into a scrapbook store in about 6 months! Its killing me!

Jennifer E. said...

Beautiful card! I love the colors and you're right, that paper is yummy! Your stitching is perfect, I'm trying to sew more on my cards and you've inspired me to get my machine out. I too can relate to close scrapbooking stores--many have closed here in Michigan as well :-(

{Lynn - that's me!} said...

Beautifully designed card Laura. Your colors are delicious and your stitching is a wonderful addition to this already awesome card.

Estivalia said...

beautiful card! and as everyone has pointed, your stitching is gor-geus!

for me double sided paper is a struggle, I can never decide which side I want to use :P