Friday, March 11, 2011

And the 100 Google Readers Celebration candy goes to....

You know, when I made the guidelines for the blog candy last week asking you to tell me why you follow my blog I really didn't expect what I ended up recieving. Some of you really sent me through a gammot of emotions.  Here are some of my favorite exerpts:

Khristen made me laugh: "Well, let's see...I came here because you are a fellow DT over at XOXO, and I follow because I just love your work :) Congrats on getting hubby to follow you! I asked my hubs to check my blog out and he was like "um, but why? You show me all you make. I don't need to see it again." Pssssh. Whatev."

I reflected with Joanne: "Laura, I found you on an old friend's blog quite some time ago. You were in A...I followed you through the street markets with your friends, watched the four of you eat...was it ice cream?, and saw your 'room' all the while praying for you and your return safely to the US. Have cried for you, laughed with you, and watched Ethan grow into the wonderful little man that he can be at 6 months. the entire time have admired you and your cards...I even remember Vince making one in Afghanistan. And they say my memory is fading!!! I love to check my emails every morning to see if you have something posted. Seeing your fabulous cards is uplifting first thing in the am. So bright and full of wonder. Yes, girl you hooked me some time ago!!! "

And Get Scrappy brought back some emotions along with a few tears too: "I found your blog after reading a comment you left on a Becky Higgins blog post. I was caught by the pictures of your tour over seas. Hit close to home with my brother-in-law being there at the same time. It was interesting to think that he was seeing the same type of things. Then when I read the post on New Years on why you joined in the first place you brought tears to my eyes. It was the most selfless thing you could have done. You are an inspiration both in life and in creative express." (She's talking about THIS POST.)

So, as you can see EVERYONE who left a comment for the blog candy is a winner. Please send me your mailing addresses so I can get your yummies to you as soon as possible. My email address is Thank you so much for sharing your time with me. It means way more to me than you know!


Teri said...

yayyyyyyy!!!!! Thank you so much! You rock, lady!!

Mamma has spoken said...

AH I won again! OOOO I'm so happy that I commented again just to say hi. Thanks!
Not sure if you have my address from last time so I'll send it again

Khristen said... sweet thing you :) Glad I could be the one to make you laugh, I'm told I'm really not all that funny, although I think I'm HILARIOUS. Thanks so much, off to email you.

Dee Tollaksen said...

Will you be sending me Stanley? I'm still hoping for a visit!

Ujjwal said...

Thanks Laura!! Since I joined your blog recently, I read your new years post now and I am amazed at how thoughtful and brave you are.

May God Bless you always!!

Smita said...

Thanks a ton, Laura. That's very kind of you. God bless! Love n hugs to your little guy :)


♥Silvana♥ said...

OMG thanks so much you are way to kind!!! I love your card sos much (I allready have a few taha I'm polaning on scraplilfing) sorry about my english, I put you in my favorites blog list =)

Smita said...

Hey thank you so much, Laura! That is very kind of you.

Loved reading the comments left by the others too :).


Estivalia said...

yay! congrats to all the winners :)
I didn't want to enter the blog candy, as I was recently a winner, but here's my answer :)

I came to your blog because you were the first person to comment on my old LJ, back when I first started cardmaking. You were very nice and we were around the same age, so it's was kinda cool. And I stuck because I loved to see what you were up to, how you managed to get crafty even in the middle of a war and how you formed your family.

I've loved to see how your card-making skills have grown over time, and I enjoy watching the cards you make, each so special and full of dedication.

So here's to many more years of blogging and sharing~!

get scrappy said...

Awww. Laura is really sweet of you. sorry to have taken you down memory lane with emotions and tears. But hopefully they were a good thing. Hope is well.


Joanne Gilch said...

Oh my, better get an email out and quick. thanks, Laura, for being so generous to all of us. we sure do appreciate it and coming to visit often.

secret scrapbooker said...

hey Laura , thats such a lovely gesture to give to everyone :0)
Glad i found you and your cute blog.
Kate xx

Tejal said...

Would you believe Laura, that was my first comment on your blog!! oh Gosh!! you're so sweet!!
Big big hugs to you!!