Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday

I think I'd like to start a series called Music Monday. I'm really into finding songs that express how I feel or songs that just make me feel good. Music was such a huge part of my life growing up. I miss singing and performing so much. It's one of my few happy places. I need to find it again. Anyway, please feel free to suggest songs that make you feel good too. I don't think we can have too many, right?!


Joanne Gilch said...

Great idea, love the tunes you pick!

get scrappy said...

Music is a huge part of my life too! I hardly watch tv, instead the radio, pandora radio, or my iPod is playing all the time. My all time favorite band, always picks me up music would be anything BON JOVI!!! Just thinking of his music puts a smile on my face!

Would love to hear some of your favorite songs, bands, artist. Tons and tons of good things out there!!

Sharon Marie said...

Good idea.