Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative Charms

I have to admit that I had never used Creative Charms products before I started working on the design team. I thought the pictures were great, but it wasn't until the post(wo)man brought me my first package that I fell in love. I didn't quite expect them to be so nice for what little they cost! It's going to make you think that all other gemstones you find are a total rip-off. They even have kit of the month and deal of the month sets that are even a bigger bargain. I got one of each kit for my self this month, and I'm doing the same for the upcoming months as well. Take a look for yourself.

•Amber Gradient Gem Stickers - 76 Pieces
•Blue Gradient Gem Stickers - 76 Pieces
•Pink Gradient Gem Stickers - 76 Pieces
•Assorted Gradient Pearl Stickers - 76 Pieces
•Light Purple Vintage Jewels - 12 Pieces
•Light Green Vintage Jewels - 12 Pieces
•Green Gradient Gem Brads - 9 Pieces
•Purple Gradient Gem Brads - 9 Pieces
•18" Blue Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon

Can you believe this package deal only costs $6.99?!

(By the way, that ribbon is my absolute favorite thing on their website. I haven't seen anyone carry anything like it anywhere else, so... I ordered in in EVERY color. The only problem is that I'm having a hard time using it because I'm resisting that old urge to hoard again.)

The other deal I got this month was the May Kit of the Month.
Here's what it includes:

•Knitted Strawberries - 3 Pieces
•Orange Countryside Garden - 6 Pieces
•Green Knitted Butterflies - 4 Pieces
•Blue Small Knitted Flowers - 9 Pieces
•Blue Blooming Garden - 12 Pieces
•Pink Blooming Garden - 12 Pieces

Knitted and crocheted embellishments are so expensive, but this entire kit is $14.99.

Those cherries are so yummy-cute, but I'm really looking forward to playing with those epoxy domed brads!
Anyway, now that I'm all done with finals (for this semester at least), I'm ready to start playing with my new toys! Stay tuned...

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♥Silvana♥ said...

Wow those are great prices!!
You have been busy lately...I didn't visit u in a few days and now I see lots of cards and usual your cards are georgeos =)