Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Life Update III

I love going out to the Amish farms that have little shops. There are four now that I frequent. This one has a huge new garden house. Flowers make me so happy!

Ethan's first car.

I don't remember why I took Vince's car one day, but it happened to be the day I back into the mailbox. Doh!

Baby things are invading every nook and cranny of our house.

My Vinny Boo-Boo! :-) xoxo

The cutest quilt shop ever is less than five minutes from my house. I just want to go there every day.

My sister and I went to a yogurt shop on our way home from an awards ceremony. (I'm an honor student. Toot-toot!) I think I got more toppings than yogurt.

I debated on whether or not I should share this no-make up, dark-circles, worn-out looking self-portrait, but here it is. That's what I look like these days. That's what Project Life is all about.

This morning I have my Statistics final and tonight is my final exam in Anatomy & Physiology II. I went into A&P thinking it was going to be great. I'm typically an excellent student, and it's in a subject I feel comfortable with. However, now that I'm at the end, I seriously think I'm going to need to take the next semester off to start coloring my hair. Ugh! Pray for me! :-)


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea. I may have to "steal" it. Great photos.

Estivalia said...

loving these little tidbits of your life :)

I got yogurt-envy lol. There's an ice-cream parlor just next to my school. It's ever so tempting to go there on recess and get a sweet treat <3 (god thing I'm riding my bike to school... or I'd be *rolling* there, lol). Have you ever tried pisco sour ice cream? de-lish!

And love your "au naturale" portrait. People should do it more. We are who we are and everything in us is proof of what we've lived and done. No more make-up, yay!

Jenn Christman said...

Love your self portrait. We need to do that more often. We should be proud of who we are with or without make up, older, younger, doesnt matter cause we are who we are and we have lived a good life so far. =) Don't you love how the baby stuff manages to find its way in to everything? I honestly dont have a room in my house that doesnt have some sort of kid thing in it. LOL!

Mamma has spoken said...

Best part of your self portrait shot: you're wearing the shirt to your uniform. It won't be long before you won't be wearing them. That's what made it special.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

"Baby things are invading every nook and cranny of our house." Amen!

Loving these pictures of your life!

Sharon Marie said...

Congrats on being an honor student. You look a bit young to need the hair color--maybe another yogurt instead. :)