Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak Peek & To Do List

You can see the rest of the project over at the Creative Charms blog. :-)

My To Do List:
  • Take the car in for repairs after a tree branch fell on it
  • Study for my two tests this week, and three next week
  • Write a speech that's due Friday
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Pay Daycare
  • Pay Lawn care
  • Make an appointment for the groomers
  • Get caught up on my design team & publication projects
  • Make appointment for the carpets to be cleaned
  • Go to tax office for the -umpteenth time (someone used my SSN to file their taxes)
  • Buy a booster seat for Ethan, because he's outgrowing his car seat
  • Download, edit, & file the backlogged photos on my camera
  • Post Ethan's 9 month entry
  • Clean out Ethan's clothes that don't fit
  • Get immunizations for nursing school
  • Get a physical for nursing school
  • Go to the pharmacy
  • Buy nursing school books
  • Buy nursing school uniforms
  • Sew patches on uniforms
  • Apply for financial aide
  • Apply for vocational rehab
  • Mail Vince's care packages
  • Update Project Life pictures & journaling
  • Go through mountain of mail that's been collecting
  • Buy baby food, diapers, & wipes
  • Buy dog food
  • Finish Firefighter continuing education hours
  • Submit renewal for Fire Fighter certification
  • Fold the three piles of laundry on my bed
  • Wash two piles of laundry on the floor
  • List the rest of my old scrapbook tools and supplies on eBay
  • Load pictures on to digital photo frame for Vince
  • Ship Etsy orders
  • Make final dental appointment
  • Final-out from Army finance office
  • Buy a wedding gift
  • Get wedding clothes for Ethan & me
  • Order graduation cap & gown
  • Make graduation announcements
  • Make Ethan's birthday invites
  • Make a wedding card for Chelsea (cousin) & Parker
  • Make birthday cards for Dad, Vince, Ethan, Ella (my sister), Aunt Lisa, Chelsea, Debbie (BFF), & Amber (neighbor)
  • Change phone/TV/Internet plan (too expensive)
  • Take my phone in for repairs
  • Order a background check for nursing school
  • Get the oil changed in both cars
  • Pay school tuition owed
  • Apply for delayed payment option for school until the G.I. Bill comes in

Hmmm... I have a slight feeling that I'm forgetting something...


Joanne Gilch said...

Your lemonade bucket is fab. The paper and label and gems are so perfect together!!
Your list of things to do is way too long!!!! Checking the things off as they get done is the best part of lists.

Jenn Christman said...

Busy, busy, busy!! Your list is making me tired just looking at it. Hope you find some much needed down time.

Love your lemonade bucket!And love the cards you had published.

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!...I am EXHAUSTED...just reading your need me!!...I should be there for you!...I am sorry....remember I love you.....and miss you mostmostmost!

Arlene said...

Wow, your list looks like mine...never ending! One task at a time! :)


AllisonG said...

OMG, I got tired just reading your to do list! How in the world do you do it, girl?!

Anonymous said...

You always me me smile!!! Just throw another cup of sugar in the old lemonade bucket.