Friday, August 26, 2011

Back 2 School

Although my little Ethan is only a year old, I felt like he had his first day of school this week when he moved from the infant's room at day care into the toddler room. They have cubbies, nap time, snacks, water play, lunch time, and even recess. I'm headed back to school on Monday myself. I finally finished my degree last month. I feel like I'm on a roll, so I'm going to keep on truckin' through the next one. I've been super obsessed with school supplies, so I just had to make a back to school card. I've never made one before, because it really didn't seem like a card-occasion to me. Now that I'm going back to school as an adult I really feel like a card is in order though! I'm so very excited, but terrified too.

Do you have anyone going back to school or any back to school stories?
I'd love to read them! :-)


Arlene said...

Beautiful card Laura! Congrats on finishing your degree! :)

Joanne Gilch said...

fabulous card...luv all the texture and different papers that you are so well known for here.
One degree many more?
Summer camp ended here when school started for the two grand daughters. It's lonely and quiet and if I don't get a job I am going to volunteer somewhere...and that will take me back to school. That would be a great place to volunteer....the neighborhood school...close to home..easy on the fuel bill.

Bee Burg said...

Well this week was back to school for us... but the toddler had an outbreak of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease at his school, of course he caught it and shared with his brother and sister. They were all miserable with a high fever, so in the end the older ones went to school 2 days only for the whole 1st week, and baby missed the whole week! What a way to start! >.<

Elizabeth said...

Way to go on your degree completion!!! That rocks! I am just about to start another one myself and go back to school full time!!! LOL.

Your card is really cute and it reminds me so much of why I love fall and school!!!! Too cute!

Hope your weekend has been great!

Estivalia said...

congrats Laura! lovely card :)

Here in Chile, it's also back to school time, but for the second semester. Our academic year goes from March to December with a little break in July :)

Jenn Christman said...

Love the card! Congrats in finishing one degree. Good luck going back to school. One day I hope to do that too. Just waiting for all my kids to be in school full time.
School started here on August 8th. I now have a preschooler, a Kindergartener, and one in 5th grade! Amazingly enough we had a great start! My youngest was scared all last year to go to school with out my middle daughter but even he had a wonderful first day. I guess it was time for a change and they all adjusted perfectly.