Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Clothes

I think I just found a new addiction to building clothing collections. I'm not a fashionable person by any means, so this is really random for me. I really do love fall clothing though. Layering, sweaters, boots, and scarves are just my thing. I also love that most of these clothes come from my beloved Old Navy. It makes me want to go shopping right now.Grey/Coral/Brown


Estivalia said...

oh, I love the shoes <3 <3 flat shoes are my favourite (my fiancé hates them :U he says I look like a kid, he prefers heels, however small)

I'm not fashionable either and weather in my city is quite plain all year round, so I wear whatever strikes my fancy :P But, it is getting warmer, so boots are getting more "closet time" lol.

Enjoy the fall~ :)

Joanne Gilch said...

Great taste...let us know what you DO buy...AND while you're there at ON get the little guy something, too!!!