Monday, December 12, 2011

Kick-Off: Little Yellow Bicycle Week

Here we go with a week-long holiday ode to one of the new winter collections called Winter Twig from Little Yellow Bicycle.

This collection has some of the most fun and cute embellishments I've ever seen. I absolutely love the blue, white, and brown color combination with a hint of green thrown in. This makes for a collection that can be used for many other occasions. You can see from my sneak peeks that I added a ton of new colors creating all new schemes. I love that about this type of line. It's so versatile. The patterned papers are all great pattern basics to hold on to in your supply. Here are just a few of my ultra favorite things...

LYB's patterned paper has a great weight and texture. My favorites are Winter Plaid/Mocha Java Sweater (even fun to say)...
...And Blue Forrest/Winter Pom Pom.
I've gotta have my journaling cards and spots to make cards, so of course I love these...

Oh, and Clear Cuts Shapes are way way fun. They're printed on clear acetate and they're glittered!
These Cardstock Stickers are cut into fun shapes and they even have real little buttons on some of them. Adorable! (I even love that the backing of the stickers is a clear piece of acetate. Recycle & reuse for later crafting, hmmm?)

I hope you enjoyed the kick-off and sneak peek pictures. I'd love to know what your favorite piece in the collection is and what color combo you can't wait to see. You never know when you might get a little goody... Stay tuned in for tomorrow's card.
See you there!

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