Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Funnies

Finally, I have another post. It's nothing creative today. I am SOOOOOO worn out with work. Yesterday I went in at 0300 to help with the foot march. I work in one of those jobs that's like Groundhog Day. I do the same thing over and over and over.... again, so I don't know what's keeping there so much lately. It's driving me crazy. I seem to get nothing done in my personal life. Even my bills are stacking up. I need to make a doctor and dentist appointment, get my car tuned, get a new eye exam for my contacts, make thank you notes and Christmas cards, mail my club cards, finish my spring cleaning, return some things to the store before the receipts expire, finish all my continuing education for my licenses and certifications, renew some prescriptions, and I haven't even had my hair cut or eyebrows waxed in almost a year. I don't even want to talk about needing to shave my legs. At this point I can either grate cheese or call a lawn service. Do you ever feel like this in your life? Does it ever go away, or does it just keep building until you crack? Midlife crisis isn't supposed to happen at 23! Come to think of it... my hair is falling out, I can't get enough chocolate, and I've been having insomnia... ahhhhh!!!!


Amie said...

I hope you get some time to yourself very soon, sounds like you really need it!!!

wanda box said...

hang in there girl. I have been right there with you.

Jan Scholl said...

I have been there a bit every year for almost 35 years. I will feel better when hubby goes back to Korea for a spell and I have time for me.

this too will pass-I think.

Heather P. said...

"At this point I can either grate cheese or call a lawn service." LOL, you're hilarious! :) I can totally relate, though... I spend the better part of 5 hours a day commuting three times a week, and I feel like it kills those days!

malieta said...

Hang in there Laura!
I was worried about you because you haven't posted in a while. I feel better that you have posted something, yet I wish that it was some happy news. Everything will be alright soon...just give it time.