Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tomorrow is the big moving day! I'm excited, but I feel like I'm not really ready. My mom will arrive in the late afternoon to help me. She hasn't been here in over two years. That's pretty normal for us military folks. Usually I'm the one to go home to see everyone. I don't get to go home often though. It's really difficult for me to make the trip. There's a long process to go through to request days off. My schedule doesn't always coordinate with my family's. They just don't seem to understand that. The mission comes first. When I do get to go home, it's often a secret to a lot of the extended family. I just don't have enough time to visit everyone with in the few days that I get off. I just end up hurting people's feelings no matter what I do. I also get fed WAAAAAY to much. Everyone seems to think I need to eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner every couple of hours that I'm home. I do love food, but I don't want to turn into a rollie-pollie. The Army wouldn't like that too much! Anyhow, this is today's creation:
Here's what I did:
I started with a mason jar and took the inner lid out. The patterned paper is cut to two sections of 4"x6". I used the red line tape to adhere this. Next, I adhered a 0.5" pink and green strip around the entire jar. On top of that went some funky white trim from Making Memories. The circle cut out on the front of the jar was a compliment to the patterned paper. It isn't very substantial, so I adhered it to the inner lid before attaching the whole thing to the jar with red line tape and liquid glue. Finally, I added the light blue polka dot ribbon around the neck of the jar. And...that's it!


Sarah said...

Oh that is too cute!! xx

Heather P. said...

Oh, this is just beautiful!

Good luck with your move! :)

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, I love this! I think I have this paper. Why, oh why do I put off using the most beautiful pieces? I know what you mean about going home for visits. Our friend's son is in the Air Force and when he comes home everyone expects him to go see them. Why don't they just let him stay put at his folks' house and go to him? Ahhhh, families! Enjoy the move!

Estivalia said...

good luck with the move! :)

Stampin' Meg said...

LOl and to think that I just throw jars away!:::DOH:::: You made this sooo pretty!