Friday, January 25, 2008


Just when I thought I was getting back on the horse about posting my computer crashed! It's okay now (knock on wood), but I still have ton of things to download again. I lost ALL of my pictures and files of every sort that I had as well. It's really frustrating. Anyhow, I found my digital camera too, so at least I can take a new picture for my yummy post tomorrow.


Estivalia said...

argh, I'm so sorry about the computer crashing! On the other hand, I'm happy you're going to post soon :)

Oh yeah, I got a notice from PTI that my sets had shipped... I'm so excited! how was your shopping? :)

Sandy said...

Oh phooooooey!!! So sorry you lost so much information! :( Glad to see you're back though and can't wait to see the yummies forthcoming!!

jayne said...

Welcome back!! Can't wait to se your posts