Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Another lovey holiday has come upon us. It's kind of been a crappy day actually. I did get flowers yesterday and today too. That was nice. But...I woke up nauseous from the new "crotch cancer fightin' pills" they gave me. It made me late for work which started the whole day off wrong. It was a super busy day which I suppose made the day go by fast, but I was still sitting there lonely for sheer fact of the holiday waving it's big stupid cupid baby in my face. And to make the holiday even more fantastic is the fact that my beau just happened to bring up how he dislikes the holiday due to something concerning his ex who's been on his mind, and now he's not sure if he's even into being in a relationship right now. Would it be okay if I just cry for a second? Oops, too late to ask for permission. Here it comes... Arg! Soldiers are supposed to be able to control this. Okay. Okay. It's over. We're trained to suppress things. LOL! Why am I always rebound girl? Anyway, HAPPY Valentine's Day! Here's what I did: I used the Scenic Route Loveland collection for this card because I super duper LOVE IT! I love all their paper. Anyhow, I cut the pink circle with my Circle Scissor using mark 150 which made the card slightly smaller than 6" across. I wanted it to fit in a 6x6 envelope so this worked out well. I made sure to leave the top edge uncut, so I would still have a card that opens. I then took the Scrap Strip (my favorite) and cut the strips into 3/4" wide pieces and adhered them with a tape runner. I then used Basic Black from SU! to faux stitch the edges. The polka dot heart blended in too much with the top strip also being white-based so I inked the edges of the heart in Lipstick Red ColorBox chalk ink. The 'X' and 'O' are self adhesive pieces of chipboard from Basicgrey. I used the same chalk ink to tint them to match before adhering. The green gingham ribbon is from American Crafts and the tiny little rhinestones are adhered with Stickles for double glitz. And...that's it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I'll be at work like most of you. I hope the day doesn't turn out to be too sad and lonely for me. I turn into a corny little sap on this day for some reason. I never get too hyped for it until it's actually here. I blame middle school and high school for that. We used to be able to send flowers to each other and get balloons and candy and all sorts of things delivered by the office aides during the day. It was a real show to see who was admired the most. It was just another popularity contest. Since 1992, (yes, I remember exactly), my dad has always ended up sending me the biggest and best out of all. Everyone was certainly jealous, but I really knew that they weren't from a secret crush or anything. My dad has always been my best valentine. He made it no secret that he was setting the bar high for any man that ever came along to take his girl away.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Worst Date EVER!

I just love the rub on I used for the 'V'. It reminds me of those check yes or no letters we used to pass around to as kids. Anyhow, I forgot to fill you in on another date I had over a week ago now. (It was after the car accident date and before the Cha-ching date... got it?) Okay, so I met this guy at a nice place downtown in Nashville, and once we got in there I was wondering why he said we should wear jeans here. I didn't see anyone else dressed that way. It was one of those places where even the waiters were dressed better than James Bond. There was nothing I could do about my outfit a this point anyhow. The place had a fairly funky menu, so I opted for the safe chicken fingers. Besides, I was already dressed to wipe my hands on my own pants. The chicken fingers turned out to be more of a mountain of fried poultry than a delicate finger food more appropriate for eating during a date conversation. I nearly had to have a booster seat to look over my chicken mound at my date peering out over the top of his Eiffel Tower shaped mashed potato wad. I obviously didn't finish even half of my meal, but rest assured that my date got every crumb off of his plate before he started to indulge on my leftovers. We had already planned on going to a musical venue after dining, so I followed him in my own car to our second location. We didn't get one block out of the parking lot before he had his entire head and half of his torso out of the window while shaking his fist, yelling, and punching his horn at a car trying to merge in front of him. I was embarrassed, and I wasn't even in the same car! There's more. We pulled into the parking lot behind some building that I had yet to identify as something more than an old shack that had gone out of business or was about to be turned into a parking lot any day now. The show wasn't supposed to start for over an hour, so I suggested that we get ice cream down the street. He then walked around to my driver's side door and signaled me to put my window down. He then said, "I've got an emergency!" I heard a zip and a tinkle! Is he? No! YES!!! He's totally peeing right here next to me in the parking lot. I didn't know what to do, so I just turned up the radio for him. I didn't know if I was doing him a favor or myself. I don't know why I'm still on the date at this point, but I was still in shock I suppose. We made our way over to the ice cream place where I made my way to the bathroom to call for back up. I informed my secret bail-out agent to call me in 20 minutes with an emergency call from work before heading back out to enjoy my favorite Coke float. This part of the date wasn't so bad. I did have to clean up his huge sloppy ice cream mess before we left though. I guess it was bad. By the time we got back to the parking lot I had received my emergency call, and I told him I had to leave. He wasn't too upset, but he did want a goodnight kiss. He leaned in while I did the awkward head dance trying to give him anything but my lips. I was locked in one of those hugs that just doesn't know when to end while his "little buddy" started to get excited. That's when he points down at his crotch and says, "Compliments to the lady!" OMG! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that there has been no second date and nor do I plan on there ever being one. Ewwww! Deep breath.... back to the project: Here's what I did: I adhered, trimmed, and sanded the patterned paper to the letter first, and then highlighted various words with Star Dust Stickles. The three pieces of ribbon are just tied on and were found among my collection. The acetate wings are from Heidi Swapp and are adhered with Scrappy Glue. I then took a scrap piece of patterned paper from this collection and made a heart shaped tag using the Making Memories Tag Maker and applied it with a pop up glue dot. (The rub on is from 7Gypsies and was applied to the patterned paper before the metal rim.) I found the little red button stuck to the bottom of my foot, so I attached it to the tag with Scrappy Glue and covered it in Stickles as well. And...that's it!

Monday, February 11, 2008 is everything.

"'L' is for the way you look at me..." Do you know that song? It's one of my favorites. I have tons of favorite songs though. Tomorrow I'll probably favor "Manic Monday". That's always a good song to start the week off. I really wish I knew how to download songs onto my iPod. My sister loaded a ton for me when I received it as a gift a few years ago now, but I've never bothered to sit down with it to figure the thing out. I still don't even know out how to turn it off. I just let the battery die, and then I recharge it. That's how I turn a lot of things off. I know. I know. It's not the right way, but whatever! Okay, so here's "L":Here's what I did: This one is easy! Just like with the last piece of this set, I started with the Love Letters Kit from MM and attached my PP with a glue stick then trimmed and sanded. The rub on is from Cloud9 Design and the ribbons are all from my assorted collection. I added Stickles (Star Dust) in most of the circles and doodled around the rest with a Basic Black marker from SU!. And...that's it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lovey Dovey

This is part of the four-piece project I've been working on since the blog candy game last week. It sure has been taking me a while to create lately, but I'm getting there. I blame work mostly. It's just too easy to do that. I seem to go in earlier, stay later, and miss more and more lunch breaks as time goes on. I'm so worn out by the end of the day that I just want to lay there on the couch and do nothing. It almost seems not worth it to take my uniform off when I just know I'll be back at it again in a couple of hours. You'd think being so tired that sleeping would come easier, but I've been staying up all hours of the night too. I think I need a tune-up! Perhaps the dating thing is getting to me as well. I'm tired of going on dates already. I took my profile down from the dating service too. Besides, there's someone I'm a bit sweet on. I feel like giggling just talking about it. He's super sweet and funny. And here's the best part... he actually thinks I'm sweet and funny too! Cha-ching! Here's what I did: I started with the Love Letters Kit from Making Memories that came out last year. It includes pre-printed hanging chipboard letters including L-O-V-E. Well, the O is actually a heart that you see above. I love kits, but I also love changing everything about them. I covered this piece in patterned paper from Reminisce with a heavy duty glue stick and then used a craft blade to trim the edges leaving the already attached ribbon hanger. Next, I added the big blue flowers and brad from Making Memories and tied on some fun ribbon and ric-rac from my stash. Then I used a lime green gingham fabric covered brad from The Paper Studio to attach two pink flowers and a polka dot acetate flower also from MM. The last little red flower is from Prima. I used a combination of glue dots for immediate attachment, but also dabbed Scrappy Glue around as well to ensure longevity of the project. "ooh la la!!" and "lovey dovey" went on next. They're both rub-ons from 7gypsies Next, I took a Basic Black marker from SU! and added tons of dots, lines and doodles. I then punched holes 3/4" of the way in on each of the scallops using the Crop-o-Dile. Finally, I used Stickles in Star Dust along the white stripe of the patterned paper to give it some glamour. And...that's it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Marceline who guessed, "The paper is the love collection by Reminisce." As those of you know who read my blog regularly you know my favorite number is seven, so now for the SEVEN runners up chosen by a random integer generator....
  1. Shannon at Live, Love, Laugh and STAMP
  2. Susan at susiestampalot
  3. Alex at California Stampin
  4. Elizabeth at Scrapbook Mama
  5. JenMarie at Taylor-Made by JenMarie
  6. Melanie at Stamp-a-Doodle-Doo
  7. Deb at Paper, Ink, Scissors, & Stamps

Congrats to all the ladies!!! Just send an email to me at with your snail mail address included to claim your blog candy. Happy Scrappin'!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Check it Out!

Check out Debbie's post.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quick and Dirty IQ Test

We talked about IQs at work today for some reason. I've never taken a real IQ test and was amazed that I was the only one in the discussion that hadn't. I didn't know it was such a popular thing. So of course, I simply had to take this little Quick and Dirty IQ Test after seeing it on Elizabeth's blog today. As it turns out... I'm a total nerd!
Your IQ Is 125
Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius Your General Knowledge is Above Average